Chips, New Islington, Manchester

| 1 July, 2009 | Architectural Photography, Commercial Photography

Architect Photography London

Chips by Will Alsop in New Islington, Manchester and Urban Splash | Architect Photography London


July, 2009

Mixed Use



Will Alsop and Urban Splash create Chips, a mixed use residential and commercial icon

Chips is 1oom by 14m and is similar in size to the Victorian industrial buildings in the New Islington area in Manchester.  The structure is a nine storey block of 142 flats designed by Will Alsop.  Giant external printed lettering recalls the names of the regions canals.  The middle band of the ‘layer cake’ extends outwards creating a dramatic 9m cantilevers that give a sense of heaviness, solidity and fun.

Chips across the Ashton canal | Architect Photography London

Victorian Ashton canal and lock gates with Chips by Will Alsop | Architect Photography London

The three ‘rust, chocolate and mustard’ coloured bands each cover three floors and and emphasise the jarring bulges and overhangs that are punctuated by brightly coloured balcany recesses.

Kitchens and bathrooms were prepared off-site as pods and ceilings are bare concrete to emphasise the robust modernity of the block.

Awards: RIBA Award for Architecture 2010 | Architect Photography London

Chips building with Victorian canal lock keepers cottage | Architect Photography London

Chips end block detail showing offset top floor and primary coloured indented balconies | Architect Photography London

Chips corner detail emphasising overlapping floors and primary accents | Architect Photography London

Architect Photography London

Chips building with adjacent canal and lock | Architect Photography London

Indented balcony with contrast colourway | Architect Photography London

Overlapping facade with subtle messaging | Architect Photography London

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